Totally Toaster

As you might gather by our other post Orange Street Art, here at the orange team we’re big fans of street art. It always amazes me with the amount of great art for free viewing walking through the City.

Today a friend of mine found a toaster on a wall…interesting subject for street art! So I had a search for it and found some information on It said they first appeared in Wolverhampton printed on small address labels, then got in the street art scene after one New years’ day in 1999…the East-end Toasters are as well recognized as big corporate logos, only a bit more subtle and a lot more intriguing.

But what’s the deal with toasters? Apparently three people came up with the idea that a domestic appliance in the public domain had that air of ‘displacement’ about it. The notion of the absurd would always turns heads a little more sharply. Which it did for me!

Steering away from the usual acronym of a graffiti crew and adopting an internationally recognisable image, the future of street art is forever changing … see if you can spot some urban toasters!

Juicy x