Design, tradition and orange speed

It is said that good design survives the test of time. Those who uphold this idea have a good example to illustrate their opinion, the Holden Hurricane.

You can easily feel the energy of its design and technology, no surprise they made it in orange :)

Considered one of the masterpieces of the Australian brand “Holden”. The manufacturer’s name may be new to many people. This is not surprising as the Hurricane itself, the first concept car built by Holden in 1969, remains unknown in most of the world.

But now Holden intends to revive the Hurricane in all its glory, by concluding the restoration project of one of its models, started back in 2006.

The original 1969 model had features that were innovative at the time, such as a digital instrument panel, automatic air-conditioning and a rear camera.

These items are currently found in many cars. But we can still say that 42 years later the Hurricane’s design and orange style are still unique.