A night to remember

Haaaalllloooo everyone, how are you?

You will not believe of how awesome was my party last Friday, when I got into the place I got shocked of how orange and shiny that place was.

Step-by-step I’ve gone up to the top, and there were lots of Orange friends of mine who were the most perfect hostess of the party. I stood a little bit with them, because you know, we can never forget who we really are.

I know I’m THE ORANGE, the big star, anyway this is all because of where I am from, all of the Oranges in the world can be a superstar… We born with this power of happiness, friendship, energy and healthy.

But, going back to the party… The drinks were awesome, everybody said thanks to all the squeezed oranges joined to Saffron pistils, Orange water, tonic water and water and white whine or sparkling wine or vodka. People could have the non-alchoolic version too, simply the best!

The best part was learning how to make the Orangino (my sicilian comfort snack…. nhami!), the girls from Arabeschi de Latte were rocking with the teaching area, everyone could taste and learn how to cook their own Orangino.

Also, I met some very nice and interesting people who I’d like to introduce to you…

This is Geórgie, she is the marketing manager on Christies (uh lala!), and she is the best person to talk about Galleries, here it comes her tip: “If you come to London, you must go to the Serpentine Gallery!”.

Also I was impressed with Fredrik Müllerweiser, he is a gorrrgegous fashion analyst on EDITD, and he is from Sweden (I love that place!) so he is having the time of his life here in London, walking around and seeing new things.

This beaaautiful lady here, with me is Kathleen Kelly, she is PR of NHS and what she most likes to do is travelling. “If I said to you one place that you must visit, would be Cinque Terra (Italy)!”
Kath, this is on my list dear, after I come back I’ll send you an email.

And the most funny and smiling lady on the party was Ruth Speakman, she is Nokia PR and she is crazy about shoes. She loves to walk around her home wearing brand new  w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l  shoes, and of course buying lots of it. Ruth, let’s go shopping with me, I love buying shoes too. :D

Yeeeey, thanks for everybody who went to the p-p-party and had a nice evening with the deejay and, of course, me. I’ll be back with more news and nice things for you about the Orange world.


ps: I got more pics from the party on my facebook, you can add me as a friend and check it out over there.